«The Power of Self»


«The Power of Self», allows you to take a look inside and discover the power of your spirit. It is a guide to work within us and create a new reality.
Alexandra shows us with her exquisite sensitivity, the concrete way to grow spiritually. Through inner growth processes, she achieves a spiritual awakening for us to lead a harmonious life, generating happiness.

The Power of Self. shows us how to heal and reconcile with the past to live in the present. It shows us how to create a glorious future following our desires, following our mission in life. Allows you to take a look inside and discover the power of your spirit and create a new reality. In three steps. The first step recognizing the Being, the second step understanding the reality that everyone lives, and the third step Inspiring life, to live in the present and create a future following the purpose of life.

Discovering the path for change and finding ourselves. ¡Dare to change your life!

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Categoría: Religión y espiritualidad
Número/año de edición: 1/2020
etiquetas: ser, ego, crecimiento espiritual
número de páginas: 111
ISBN: 978-958-48-9149-5
editorial: edición del autor
formato: 14 x 21 cm (con solapa), Rústico (pegado)
interior: Papel Blanco 75 Grs, Blanco y Negro
disponibilidad: impreso bajo demanda

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Dimensiones 21 × 14 × 90 cm