The Economy of the future


The economy of the future, the evolution of consciousness? is a book in which the author proposes a new economic model based on the elements we need to build a sustainable and sustainable world, leaving behind wild capitalism and transforming today’s society into a society with a higher level of consciousness. The author builds a new world from solidarity, respect, collaboration, cooperation, and equity for all.

It leads us to reflect on the individual dimension of each one, the need to transform each individual, and their way of relating to the outside world. It poses conditions to reach a world built from being and consciousness, to transform the selfish and selfish society that has led the planet to its destruction.

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Categoría: Economía y negocios
Número/año de edición: 1/2021
Etiquetas: Amor propio, despecho, crecimiento
Número de páginas: 169
ISBN: 978-958-49-1460-6
Editorial: edición del autor
Formato: 14 x 21 cm (con solapa), Rústico (pegado)
Interior: Papel Blanco 75 Grs, Blanco y Negro
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